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TV-9000 Television Speaker

Wireless Television Speaker with 30M Sensing Distance 

● 50 Receivers At Most And 30m Sensing Distance


● Less Than 7 Microseconds Sound Delay


● Boost The Bass Response


● Support Headphone Connection

Zeepin TV - 9000 Television Speaker


These days, high-resolution large screens have been all the rage. Although the flat-screen televisions provide us with a stunning visual experience, the audio effect has been impaired. Because the depth of the flat-screen TV has been reduced, there is less space leaving for the speaker. Luckily, the additional TV speaker can bridge the gap. The transmitter can be easily placed near the TV and the wireless receiver can stand freely, close to the users. The built-in speakers can supply an all-around stereo sound and boost the bass response. In a word, it goes well with the flat-screen TV and gives you a wonderful audio experience. Why not take one home and try out?


- Multiple users 
The transmitter can be paired with up to 50 receivers, and the sensing distance comes up to 30m.

- 7 microseconds 
The decay of the sound is less than 7 microseconds, which is better than Bluetooth connection, 30 - 50 microseconds.

- Subwoofer 
The TV speaker can boost the bass response.

- 2 ways to use 
The loudspeaker can also be connected with the audio source through the 3.5mm audio cable.

- Silent usage 
Users can connect the headphone with the speaker, in order to listen to the sound alone. 


Battery for speaker: built-in 3.7V 1000mAh lithium-ion battery
Sensing distance: max 30m
Power of speaker: 6W
Charging time of speaker: 3h
Working time of speaker: 6h
Adapter: AC 100V - 240V 50Hz / 60Hz (input), DC 5V 1A (output)