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Rozee 170 62.9Wh Car Jump Starter

17000mAh Battery Fast Charge 1200A Peak Current LED Light

Apply to 6.0l gasoline car and 3.0l diesel car

40 start-up times after full charging, 1200A maximum starting current

Intelligent battery clip makes sure you connect positive and negative electrode correctly

Eight safety protections

LED flashlight supports for lighting, SOS and flash mode


17000mAh large capacity lithium-polymer battery.

As the dedicated battery for car emergency, its maximum starting current is up to 1200A and charge-discharge cycles are more than 1000 times.

LED battery indication can directly display power state as well as the charging state.

LED lighting function lasts for 62 hours after full charging and supports for lighting, SOS and flash mode.

It applies to gasoline cars (12V / under 6.0l engines ) and diesel cars (12V / under 3.0l engines) that the numbers of starting up a car are over 40 times after full charging.

There are eight safety protections will work in the following cases: short circuit / over voltage / over charger / over current / over temperature / over discharge / reverse connection / reverse flow.




Battery Capacity: 17000mAh (62.9Wh)
Output: fast charge ( 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A); 5V / 2.4A; 15V / 10A (12V vehicle-borne products); Type-C 15W (5V / 3A), 12V car starting output
Input: Type-C 15W (5V / 3A)
Starting Current: 500A
Peak Current: 1200A
LED Power: 1W
Working Temperature: -20deg C - 60deg C
Product Size: 225 x 89 x 30mm
Product Weight: 600g