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Neo 230 222Wh Portable Power Station

60000mAh 3.7V Battery 4 USB Ports LED Light Solar Recharging

Support for AC / DC / USB (QC3.0) / Type-C (PD2.0)

Ways of charging: power adapter, solar charger, car charger

Quasi sine wave output

Seven safety protections

Built-in BMS and MPPT


Seven Output Modules
Support for AC x 1 / DC (12V) x 2 / USB x 3 / Type-C x 1 multiple output modules, PD / QC fast charging for different devices.

Three Charging Ways
There are three kinds of charging ways: 15V power adapter, solar charger and car charger. The 45W standard charger makes sure it fully charges in 8 hours.

LCD Digital Screen
It can directly display power state as well as the input and output states of each port.

Large Capacity Battery
60000mAh large capacity battery in small size achieves charging requirements of different 3C products or small appliances: unmanned aerial vehicle (2.5 times), electric fan (6 hours for 40W), LED light (22 hours for 10W), laptop (4 hours for 60W), phone (22 times), etc.

Multiple Safety Protection
The safety protection will run in the following cases: short circuit /over current /over voltage /under voltage / overcharge / over discharge / over temperature.

Wide Application
It can be widely used in different situations, such as outdoor adventure, emergency rescue, home emergency power supply, car temporary repairs, medical treatment, electronics power supply, etc.

LED Emergency Lighting
There is 4W Cree emergency lighting, which supports for lighting, SOS and flash mode, and can last for 55 hours after full charging.

Low Battery Indication
The indicator light will flash to remind the user to recharge when the power is less than 10%.

Low Energy Consumption
Its standby power consumption less than 0.05mA and only loses less than 1% percent of power a year after full charging.

Battery Management System
Built-in BMS effectively improves energy utilization, prevents the battery to be overcharged or over-discharged and extends its operating life.

MPPT Solar Controller
The charge-discharge efficiency of MPPT solar controller increases by 50% compared with the traditional one, which greatly improves the charge efficiency.

Intelligent Control Cooling Fan
For ensuring equipment operation safety, the cooling fan works for heat dissipation according to the working temperature and operating power.




Battery Capacity: 222Wh (60000mAh / 3.7V)
Power Input: DC 15V / 3A power adapter
Solar Energy Input: DC 13 - 25V / 3A (Max)
Charge Time: DC 15V / 3A, about 7 to 8 hours
USB Port: 2 x USB 5V / 2.1A (Max)
1 x USB 5 - 9V / 2A (QC3.0)
1 x Type-C 5 - 9V / 2A (PD2.0)
DC Output: 2 x DC5521 9 - 12.5V / 10A (15A Max)
AC Output (Quasi Sine Wave): 110 / 120 / 220 / 230 /240V +/- 10%
Output Frequency: 50 / 60Hz +/- 10%
Output Power: 200W rated power, 320W peak power
LED lighting: 4W LED, support for lighting / SOS / flash mode
Working Temperature: -10deg C - 40deg C
Battery life: around 500 cycles
Multiple Protection: short circuit /over current /over voltage /under voltage / overcharge / over discharge / over temperature
Product Size: 213 x 106 x 180mm
Product Weight: 2.2kg