Solar TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System External Sensor


TPMS is used to monitor the tire pressure and temperature in real-time to ensure safe driving. When the tire pressure or temperature is abnormal, such as high temperature, high pressure or quick air leakage, it will be alarmed automatically to inform the driver, then slow down and inspect the tire, protect the tire to ensure safe driving.

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– Solar and mini USB interface, support dual power supply
– High-temperature and explosion resistant battery, quick charge and last longer
– Use electronic pressure detection, high accuracy
– Data of 4 tires can be shown at the same time
– Save fuel, prolong lifetime of tires and balance the pressure of tires
– Display tire pressure and temperature simultaneously
– Each sensor has an independent ID code, support tire exchange function
– Adopt Freescale chip, more stable and reliable signal to ensure accurate monitoring

– Battery: 2200mAh Li-ion
– Input voltage: DC 5V
– Storage temperature: -30 – 85 Deg.C
– Working temperature: -20 – 80 Deg.C
– Frequency: 433.92MHz


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