Why You Need a Dash Cam?

Why Buy a Dash Cam?
A dash cam is a small digital video camera that records the driver’s journey whenever the car is moving. Having a car driving recorder gives you the confidence to guard against illegal activity, show who was at fault during an accident rather than having your case evaluated based on witness testimony and police reports. For anyone who spends plenty of time traveling on the road, it’s a must-own product

“A great product, has performed very reliably and I have no complaints at all for the price. App is easy to use and allows access to videos without having to remove the microSD card.”

Dash cam is a great addition to your vehicle for a myriad of reasons. It potentially protects you in a car accident by providing evidence of the incident, especially against people trying to commit insurance fraud. A dash cam is able to help you record and save good memories even if you are not in the car. In a word, it protects your finances, time and personal property, etc.

Main Features:

– 1080P FHD 1920 X 1080 resolution / 30fps
– 170 degree grade wide angle lens
– H.264 photography compression
– 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen

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